Leibniz Center
Research in Computer Science

Members of the Leibniz Center

Members of the Leibniz Center include all tenure-track faculty at the
Institute of Computer Science. In 1985 there were 14 members of the Leibniz
Center, and  there are currently 58 members.

Members of Leibniz Center and their Area of Research:

Dr. Omri Abend

Prof. Dorit Aharonov
Quantum Computation & Algorithms

Prof. Amnon Barak
Multicomputer Operating Systems, Parallel Computing, Cluster & Grid Systems

Prof. Yair Bartal
On-line & Networking Algorithms, Combinatorial Structure of Metric Spaces

Dr. Tsevi Beatus

Prof. Catriel Beeri
Relational and Object-Oriented Database Systems

Prof. Michael Ben-Or
Computational Complexity, Algebraic Complexity, Cryptography, Quantum Computation

Prof. Michel Bercovier
Computer Aided Design, Scientific Computations

Dr. Amnon Buxboim

Prof. Sara Cohen

Dr. Amit Daniely

Prof. Danny Dolev
Distributed Algorithms, Reliability of Distributed System

Prof. Raanan Fattal

Prof. Dror Feitelson
performance evaluation and workload modeling, parallel job scheduling, and software evolution

Prof. Nir Friedman
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Probabilistic Reasoning,Bayesian Networks,Learning Probabilistic Models, Computational Biology, Genetics

Dr. Matan Gavish

Dr. Yossi Gilad

Prof. David Hay

Dr. Yedid Hoshen

Prof. Leo Joskowicz
Intelligent Computer-Aided Design, Geometric Reasoning, Computer-Assisted Surgery, Robotics

Prof. Tommy Kaplan

Dr. Guy Katz

Prof. Guy Kindler

Prof. Scott Kirkpatrick
Embedded Computing, Complexity of Large Scale Systems, Statistical Mechanics

Prof. Yuval Kochman

Prof. Orna Kupferman
Computer-aided Design and Verification

Prof. Daniel Lehmann
Artificial Intelligence, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Decision Theory,Neural Networks

Prof. Katrina Ligett

Prof. Nati Linial
Computer Science Theory, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Algorithms,Bioinformatics

Prof. Dani Lischinski
Computer Graphics, Visualization, Image & Video Processing

Prof. Eliezer Lozinski
Databases, Knowledge Systems, Automated Reasoning

Prof. Yaakov Nahmias

Prof. Noam Nisan
Computer Theory, Computational Economics, The Internet, Electronic Commerce

Dr. Or Ordentlich

Prof. Shmuel Peleg
Image Processing and Computer Vision

Prof. Yuval Rabani

Prof. Michael Rabin
Algorithms, Randomness in Computing, Parallel Computations, Security

Prof. Ari Rappoport
Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval

Dr. Barak Raveh

Prof. Jeff Rosenschein
Artificial Intelligence, Multi-agent Systems

Prof. Yehoshua Sagiv
Databases, Logic Programming, Expert Systems

Prof. Alex Samorodnitsky
Theory of Computer Science, Coding Theory, Combinatorics

Prof. Michael Schapira

Dr. Dina Schneidman

Prof. Oded Schwartz

Prof. Gil Segev

Dr. Dafna Shahaf

Prof. Eli Shamir
Random Structures, Communication Networks, Learning Theory

Prof. Amnon Shashua
Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Speech, Natural Language & Biological Processing, Web-Based Systems

Prof. Shai Shwartz

Prof. Naftali Tishby
Machine Learning & Computational Learning Theory, Dynamical Systems & Signal Processing, Computational Neuroscience, Bioinformatics, Speech and Language Processing

Prof. Daphna Weinshall
Computer and Biological Vision, Learning

Prof. Yair Weiss
Human and Machine Vision, Learning, Neural Computation

Prof. Michael Werman
Computer Vision, Geometry & Algorithms, Robotics

Prof. Ami Wiesel

Dr. Moran Yassour

Prof. Aviv Zohar

Dr. Amit Zoran

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This Center is part of The School of Computer Science and Engineering , Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

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